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Wendy Davis doesn’t share Texas values. When it comes to pushing a liberal agenda, Sen. Davis, President Barack Obama, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are thick as thieves—completely out of touch with Texas. Running a campaign that rivals President Obama’s assault on transparency, Sen. Davis has used her position to steer taxpayer dollars to her personal bank account.

Ethically Challenged

Extreme Liberal

Supports ObamaCare.

Senator Davis supports ObamaCare and has even voted to expand it in Texas. Texans oppose this disastrous assault on their freedoms, their privacy, their doctor-patient relationship, and their bank accounts.
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Supports Late-Term Abortion.

Senator Davis’ signature issue is fighting for late-term abortion – even at 8 1/2 months – calling it “sacred ground.” Sen. Davis’ campaign is funded in part by organizations that profit off of late-term abortion across the nation.
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